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The ABC Principle

At Gransha we like to achieve perfection
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Committed to excellence.

We don’t want a ‘quick fix’ and that’s why we offer packages based on the ABC principle

ALIGN with Invisalign Go
BLEACH with Enlighten whitening system
COMPOSITE bonding with renamed by Cosmedent

Not all of us are blessed with a perfect smile from day one. Most of us need a little help to get there!!

The journey to a perfect smile often starts with aligning the teeth using the worldwide leader Invisalign Go.

When the perfect position is achieved, we then whiten and brighten things up with another world class whitening product Enlighten!

When you’re happy with your new straight pearly whites, the last step is to add yet another world renowned product, this time Renamel composite! Composite is a material that is added to teeth to shape them to the exact size, shape, and appearance you desire!

Renamel is so advanced and beautifully natural, it is guaranteed to give you a flawless result. All of this is in the skilled and experienced hands of our expert dentist Louise at Gransha.

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