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Anti Wrinkle Injections & dermal Fillers

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Beyond your expectations.

By now there aren’t too many people who don’t know what this is!! But sometimes we can get a bit mixed up.

To keep things simple:

Anti wrinkle injections – do exactly that. They get rid of lines, smokers lines, ageing lines, smile lines, and laughter lines.

Most people also don’t realise that there are preventative treatments too! When you start injecting before lines develop, you can rest assured that you’ll look much younger and fresher for years longer!

Botulinum toxin is the product used in anti wrinkle injections and can also be used to prevent things like ‘gummy smile’ and much more!

Dermal / lip fillers – these treatments can achieve a huge variety of results including fuller lips, reducing deep lines such as smokers lines and ‘marionette’ lines. The use of dermal fillers is endless and are even used to sculpt a whole new facial profile and structure. When carried out elegantly by expert hands the changes are discreet, subtle, and stunning!

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