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Debbie Mc Veigh

Practice Manager

Debbie Mc Veigh

I have been Practice Manager at Gransha since July 2020. My Background has been retail Management since I graduated from the University of Leeds in 2008. I am responsible for the operations and smooth running of the practice and to ensure everyone in the practice work as one to safely deliver our services.

My focus is patient experience and I continuously look at ways that we as a service provider can improve how we help our patients in the best way possible with their dental needs. I enjoy liaising with patients in the planning of their treatments, especially cosmetics, and assisting them with any non-medical aspects throughout the journey to their new smile.

I love working at Gransha. Every day I smile, I don’t know if it’s because of my new pearly white composite veneers or that I’m just so happy in my work, but either way it’s a great place to work with a great group of people who genuinely love to help others.