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Customer Review

An honest review of Invisalign by a recent customer.

“When it comes to the dentist I’m not the best patient, I need lots and lots of reassurance and I can at times be very scared. So it’s fair to say before I got Invisalign I was terrified! I had really three main fears:

1. Eating – I’m a girl who likes her food
2. Talking – I have to talk all day for work
3. The look- Will people notice? What will it be like taking them out?!

After literally five days of having the braces in all my fears were removed!!

1. Eating- You realise pretty quickly that if you take them out five minutes before you want to eat you’ll have no bother at all! It hasn’t stopped me eating and I’ve had NO PAIN when I eat. In fact, the only thing it has done is stopped me eating all the bad sweets and chocolates because I don’t have to have the braces out for a long time! Which in the month January isn’t a bad thing!!
2. Talking- Yes I had all the normal fears, a lisp and not being understood when I talked. On day one I had this but after that no issues! I can talk normally and no one has noticed a difference at all!
3. The Look- The moment most people notice I have them in is when I take them out! Everyone seems shocked and almost can’t believe it. You would never know you had them in! It did take me a day or two to get used to taking them in and out but once you get the hang of it, it’s like second nature.

Louise and the girls in Gransha really looked after me. They got my teeth all prepared and nothing was too big of an ask. It’s nice to have them there, you feel like you have a support network that you can go to at any time and ask questions. After only a couple of weeks I can see a huge improvement in my teeth and so can lots of other people, which is a major confidence boost! So definitely, if you’re thinking about it just do it and I promise you’ll not regret it!