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Composite Veneers Belfast

Feel More confident and happy.

Look no further for Composite Veneers in Belfast.

Composite Veneers Belfast are here, and here to stay. We see many patients come into us and they are unhappy with the look of their smiles and in turn their confidence is effected. Our goal is always to ensure that each and every customer that comes into our practice, leaves the practice with a boost in confidence, happy with their smiles and as a result, a big smile on their face that can’t wipe off.

Our Dentists have many years of experience in transforming the aesthetics of the mouth through composite bonding, improving imperfections and overall look of smiles. Using tooth-coloured resin composite veneers is a great treatment to improve the appearance of your teeth including a brighter and even smile.

Composite Veneers Belfast

Our Composite Veneers Belfast team are waiting to hear from you, to give you the smile of your dreams and that confidence you have been chasing. They are very affordable and with the right care can last between 5-7 years and be safely removed. Placing a composite veneer will not affect the structure of the tooth and it is a minimally invasive cosmetic treatment.

The main difference between composing edge bonding and composite veneers is that the edge bonding is applied to the edges of the teeth only, and composite veneers, (much like a gel nail) are applied to the entire front surface of the teeth to completely transform the appearance.

If you are looking for a smile transformation that will change your life, then Gransha dental is the place to come. With thousands of happy customers, showing off their transformations across Belfast, our team are making Belfast brighter, one smile at a time and would love to help you make your dreams come true.


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